It is the 22nd century, the law and order of the nation has been handed over to the military leading to the formation of an autonomous organization, BASE about 50 years ago.

For a couple of years, the organization has been closely monitoring the activities of a rogue army that has risen out of nowhere and now threatens the security of the nation.

Termed as the anti-nationals, BASE is not only baffled by the unusual methods of warfare that they employ but also by the fact that they are brazenly challenging the might of the organization.

Things start to get even more sinister when a strange and powerful structure rises from the ground. Not able to understand whether this is the work of the anti-nationals, BASE sends their best elites to uncover the secrets of the structure… and in turn, uncover the secrets of the anti-nationals.

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The Light is Green


Journey Of A Security Elite Begins

A Reputation Tarnished

A Bond So Strong


Turning the Tide

Nuclear Countdown

Birth of Legends