‘The world never turns their back to anyone. The world is only oblivious of the fact that there are a few good people out there who deserve to be trusted, deserve to be loved and honoured. The world is blind, it is deaf and it is we who should make the world see what it needs to see, make it listen what it needs to hear.’

Sameer is a student who has never been serious about his studies or his life, something that has always troubled his father who looks at him as someone who has no ambitions. 

Sameer’s outlook on his life changes when he meets Anita. They fall in love and during their relationship, his attitude towards his life changes surprising evveryone.

However, fate plays a dirty game against Sameer who is accused of a crime he has not committed. He pleads innocence but no one is ready to believe him. Lost, heartbroken and thrown out of everyone’s life, Sameer decides to take matters into his own hands to prove to the world that he is no sinner… he is NOT GUILTY.


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