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Hey, Spundan here. I am a writer and a Gamer. I have published 4 books till date which are available on most e-commerce sites especially Amazon and Flipkart. Writing is a passion that I had developed from my childhood and always wanted to have my works published.

My other passion is gaming, I am more of a casual gamer. I love to play FPS based and love to try out new games be it on the Xbox or mobile. Due to this I run a channel on YouTube, Mixer and Patreon which is accessible to everyone to see, enjoy, and post comments.

I want my work to be seen by the world and therefore, always open for any feedbacks and comments. I would alsoo like to use this platform for any budding writers or gamers out there who would like to share their thoughts with me.

Welcome to my website and God bless you all for your endeavours.

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