Welcome to the page where I would be sharing my stories in the form of episodes. I will start with my first work titled RESILIENCE.


Resilience is set in the 22 century and follows the journey of Karan, Shekhar, Jenny and Poorna who follow their dreams to be the Ultimate Security Elites. They join BASE which is an autonomous organization that controls the law and order of the nation both internally and externally.

It is during their graduation term that a mysterious enemy arises out of nowhere. Their intentions or motives are not completely known as they go about causing destruction and loss of innocent lives. Termed as the Anti-Nationals, the higher ranks of BASE are perplexed at the how brazenly they challenge the might of the organization.

Things get even more sinister when a strange object is unearthed. BASE is unable to understand if the anti-nationals are involved and decide to send their best elites to uncover the secrets of the object… and of the anti-nationals.

Resilience Episode 1 – The Light is Green

Resilience Episode 2 – Arrival

Resilience Episode 3 – Journey of a Security Elite Begins

Resilience Episode 4 – A Reputation Tarnished

Resilience Episode 5 – A Bond So Strong

Resilience Episode 6 – Unearthed

Resilience Episode 7 – Turning the Tide

Resilience Episode 8 – Nuclear Countdown

Resilience Episode 9 – Birth of Legends

Resilience Episode 10 – Epilogue


Remote Out of Control is my 2nd story that follows the adventure of 2 young men – Arjun and Rohan.

Arjun and Rohan are from different walks of life – One is a rich man turned pauper and another is an unemployed graduate. Their paths cross in the most weirdest way anyone can imagine when they are kidnapped and threatened at gun point to carry out a terrorist activity.

Will they succumb to the demands of the kidnappers or will they fight back to save the lives of the innocent?

Remote Out of Control – Episode 1

Remote Out of Control – Episode 2

Remote Out of Control – Episode 3

Remote Out of Control – Episode 4