The Hidden Puppeteer


Salim was waiting for his goon to bring the briefcase. That very moment, Arbaaz and 3 of his men came in.

“You piece of shit! I should have done this job myself than to believe you. I have paid you to do this job and you have ruined everything.” Said Arbaaz.

“Please, sir, I can explain. Let me get that briefcase back first. I got a call from one of my men, he is bringing it. We will then see why the bomb failed to explode.” Said Salim, shuddering in fear.

“You better be right about that or I have a good mind to shoot you.” Arbaaz reacted.

Suddenly, gun shots were heard outside and one of Salim’s goons barged into the room and alerted everyone, “Boss, the police are here, an entire force and they are firing at us.”

Arbaaz was alarmed at this news and reacted, “What the hell! How did the police get here?”

Arbaaz then realized and then looked at Salim, the latter knew that they were done for and now, there was no escape. The sub-inspector made an announcement, “You are all surrounded. There is no escape. Come out with your hands on your head or we would be forced to fire at you.”

Arbaaz was angered; he took out his gun and aimed at Salim. The latter begged for mercy but Arbaaz was in no mood to listen.

“The blunder that you and your men committed has put us in danger too. We have made a big mistake by trusting you and you will pay for this.” Saying, Arbaaz fired all the bullets of his gun brutally killing Salim.

The sub-inspector and his men heard the gunshots, the former then ordered his men to move into the building from all sides and kill or capture the goons. The policemen did the same and a heavy gun battle began alarming the neighbourhood. Salim’s goons were unable to escape, some of them surrendered while the others who tried to escape, resist or fire at the policemen were killed. Arbaaz and his men were unable to find a way to escape; however, they had no intention to surrender.

With all the goons either killed or captured, the policemen along with the sub-inspector turned their attention to the terrorists. A fierce gun battle continued with the police force downstairs and Arbaaz and his men firing from Salim’s office upstairs. Soon, Arbaaz and his men found their ammunitions depleted. One of the men, out of desperation, uncorked a grenade and tried to throw it at the policemen but was shot on his chest. As the man fell, the grenade dropped from his hand. There was no escape for Arbaaz and his men as Salim’s office exploded in a ball of smoke and fire killing the terrorists.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Arjun and Rohan explained their situation to Inspector Shergill. The inspector listened to them, asking questions whenever it was necessary while another officer was making notes of the duo’s statements. After the duo completed their story, the inspector sighed deeply and got up from his seat.

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the situation. 2 people from different walks of life caught in a situation so complex, I am a movie buff myself even though I find a lot of impractical things happening on screen, however, never did I expect to see a case such as this in my office.” Inspector Shergill commented.

“We need your help, sir. You need to believe us that we did it at gun point. I was threatened, they said they will kill my family and I had no other choice.” Said Rohan.

“I have nobody waiting for me, sir, even then I still feel I have a life of mine which I cannot spoil.” Said Arjun.

“It is ok, people. I do believe you. Anyone in your place would have done the same. Whatever has happened to both of you is a result of circumstances but now that we know the truth, it is time that the real culprits are brought to justice.” Said the inspector.

The inspector then received a call from the sub-inspector on his mobile, the latter explained the situation, “Sir, we were successful in reaching the location, however, even after repeated warnings they started firing at us. We had to fire back. Some of the goons have been captured; however, the main culprits have most probably been killed. I have sent the bodies for post mortem and also, assigned some officers to find the identity of the people dead.”

“This is bad, Kaushik. We needed to know who these people were who planned this terrorist attack.. Anyway, I need a report of this and do bring the others to the station. We will try to wring out the truth from them.” Said Inspector Shergill, Kumar acknowledged and hung up the call.

Inspector Shergill looked at the duo and passed on the news to them. The duo couldn’t believe it and stared at each other.

“Well, they were digging their own grave. I guess their time had come. We are safe now, Rohan. I don’t think we need to be worried about anything now.” Said Arjun with a smile, and Rohan smiled back.

Suddenly, Bala’s mobile that was kept on Inspector Shergill’s table started to ring. The people in the office stared at the mobile confused. Inspector Shergill looked at the screen which flashed the name BOSS.

“Well, call it a stroke of luck, looks like the hunter is all set to be hunted.” Inspector Shergill commented with a smile and then, answered the phone on speaker mode.

The people in the inspector’s office were in for a shock as a man spoke in a confident tone.

“I believe this phone is in the police station and those miserable oafs, Arjun and Rohan are over there feeling safe, I suppose. Well, why shouldn’t you be? Both of you will be brandished as heroes for helping in the successful elimination of my right-hand man, Salim.

I must accept though that slowly and steadily he was becoming a pain in my ass and was working towards taking over my ‘throne’, however, you people have actually helped in killing my competition and I am really thankful for that. I wish to thank both of you in person, so I would request you to come to my place along with the briefcase and the remote.

If you fail to comply, then I will have to take a drastic step. I have Rohan’s family with me – his mother and his sister. I believe Rohan would want them alive.”

Rohan was shocked and looked at everyone in the office. He then heard his mother and sister screaming on the phone to help them. Rohan was in tears now; he stood up, walked towards the phone and begged for their lives, “Don’t do anything to them. You hear me, don’t you dare do anything to them. Your enmity is with me and not with my family.”

Arjun got up from his seat and dragged Rohan away from the phone trying to subdue him and make him control his emotions.

“Well, Rohan, you are right. However, I have a bad habit of taking things a bit too personally and therefore, work a bit harder to satisfy my anger by taking out my competition. I cannot accept an unemployed security guard and a millionaire turned pauper to become heroes without any reason. I guess I don’t have to say anything further. Bring the briefcase and the remote to me, and I assure you… no harm will come to your family. My mind can change if necessary… yet, I assure you. Come to the open fields close to the sector 18 bus stand and my men will come and pick you up.”

The man disconnected the call immediately, the police officials were in touch with the surveillance to track the location, however they failed.

“They were unable to track the number. They were calling from an international number that was untraceable.” Said the official from the surveillance.

“We are dealing with an underworld don then. How else would someone have the courage to threaten someone even when the mobile has been confiscated by us?” Inspector Shergill asked himself.

“They have my family, Arjun. They weren’t lying about it. It looks like they had planned everything from the start. They either knew about us or were stalking us to be a bait for their terrorist attempt.” Said Rohan.

“Indeed, we could have ignored this if it involved only us but they have taken your family. We cannot risk their lives. We have to do what he has asked us to do. We have to leave now before something bad happens.” Said Arjun.

“It is obvious that they don’t want the police to follow you. He may have not said it, but I know too well. That doesn’t mean I will send you both without trying to protect you people and then take the fight to the enemies. Take a seat both of you and let us plan.” Said Inspector Shergill.

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