Episode 2


Sameer was in his final year in college. His father, Mr. Punit Malhotra, is in a high position at the Income Tax Dept. while his mother, Sunaina is a homemaker and he has a sister, Dia who was going to start her first year in the same college where Sameer studied.

Sameer was doing his graduation but he was not serious about his career, in fact, he wasn’t serious about anything.

“I don’t know what I am going to do with this boy. He is in his final year and yet he is still unsure about the what he going to do in life.” said Mr. Malhotra.

“Let him complete his studies first. He must already be in a lot of pressure and here you are trying to make matters worse.” said Mrs. Malhotra.

“Stop taking his side. If you are so confident, then better you talk with him. He needs to realize that we will not be with him forever. As a father, I am toiling myself to see too it that he has a bright future and yet he shows no interest. Not even a bit of sympathy to understand that whatever I am doing, I am doing it for him.” said Mr. Malhotra.

Mr. Malhotra was having breakfast, he completed it, had a wash and then taking his briefcase walked towards the main door. Sameer and Dia were listening to every word of the conversation between their mother and father from an adjacent room. For them, it was a normal thing to see their parents fight on petty issues. They couldn’t stop laughing.

“Ok, I am leaving. Take care and if possible, put some sense into that idiot.” said Mr. Malhotra.

“Ok, ok, I will. Now calm down and go safely.” said Mrs. Malhotra.

As Mr. Malhotra leaves, Mrs. Malhotra closed the door. At the same time, both Sameer and Dia came to the dining table.

“Have your breakfast… and Sameer, it is Dia’s first day today. I don’t want her to be late just like you. Be a bit responsible from now on.” said Mrs.Malhotra.

“Sure Mom.” Sameer answered, smiling at Dia who couldn’t stop giggling.

Soon, both left for college on Sameer’s bike and reached on time. Sameer’s friends spotted him.

“Goodness me, am I seeing a ghost?” asked Dinesh.

“All thanks to Dia. Now Sameer will definitely not be late, at least for her sister.” said Sangeeta.

“Well, my sister is on time. As for me, race you all to the cafeteria.” said Sameer, as he sped his bike towards the college cafeteria.

Dia tried to stop Sameer but it was of no use.

“Your brother will never change but don’t worry; we are there to take care of him.” said Sangeeta, laughing.

“Sure, bye.” saying, Dia walked away.

At the cafeteria, the friends joined Sameer, who had already purchased some snacks and coffee for them. As they sat down, Sameer was about take a bite when he stopped. He was neither eating or moving.

“What happened? Are you alright?” asked Dinesh.

No words came out of Sameer. His friends looked into the direction that Sameer was looking at. Right in front was a beautiful lady having a donut and coffee. Sameer stared at her, looking at her eyes, her hands, her attire… he was completely floored by her presence. The lady had her fill, threw her plate in the garbage bin and then walked towards the college main building.

“Wow… wasn’t she a bombshell?” asked Dinesh.

“Shut up; don’t talk about a lady like that.” Sangeeta said, angrily.

“Yeah, Sangeeta is right. Have some manners.” said Sameer, still in a trance.

Sameer’s friends stared at him.

“You too… weren’t you watching her? You were literally drooling.” commented Dinesh.

“You know what, my father always said that I am never serious about my life. Well, I finally got a big reason for being serious.” said Sameer.

His friends looked at each other and then smiled.

Sameer and his friends came to the classroom. The professor who knew what a latecomer Sameer was stared at him, totally stunned. Even the students in the classroom couldn’t help but gasp at this sudden change.

“Why Mr. Sameer Malhotra, you are too early! What a pleasant surprise!” the professor commented.

Sameer was looking at someone else. The lady he saw in the cafeteria was sitting in the same class and was looking at him sporting a sweet smile.

“Well, this is the last year of college so I thought I should be serious now. Moreover, I know I have been a pain to everyone, so let me just do what I should have done before.” said Sameer.

The professor was impressed and so were the others in the class who couldn’t help but clap for him.

“What happened to you today? Some angel came and changed, is it? Well, come and take a seat.” said the professor, still a bit bewildered.

“Yeah, she is an angel.” Dinesh whispered in Sameer’s ears.

Sameer sat next to the lady who was still smiling at him. Sameer smiled back while placing his bag on the table.

“So, this is the 3rd year… and as rightly said by Sameer, this is the year that you must really serious about your studies and your career options. For all those who have been doing well in the past, I am really impressed with your hard work and the zeal. For those who still have arrears… I may have been angry with them or harsh with them but it is still my utmost duty to tell you that better clear your arrears if you want to receive your degree at the same time as your hard-working friends.” said the professor.

The professor then introduced the new student of the class, “Ok, before we begin the lectures, I would like to introduce you to our new student, Anita. Ms. Anita, if you would please stand up.”

Sameer looked at the girl next to him stand up.

“I am really lucky, I guess. I get to sit next to her and now, I get to know her name. Making friends with her would not be difficult.” Sameer thought.

When the first session got over, Sameer decided to start the conversation… break the ice.

“Hi, I am Sameer.” He introduced himself.

“Hello, I already got introduced to you… although not the way you would have expected.” said Anita, she had a good sense of humour.

Sameer scratched his head and said, “Ah… well! You are right. Meet my friends… or say partners in crime, Dinesh and Sangeeta.”

The people greeted each other. 2 months passed by and their friendship had solidified. Sameer, soon found his life changing as he started taking his studies seriously, much to the surprise of his parents. His sister, of course, knew the secret.

“Highly interesting, I heard people cannot even concentrate on what they are doing when they are in love but I see the total opposite happening with you.” said Dia.

“Well, that surprises me too. Anita is pretty studious and expects me to the serious with my studies. For once, she is right. I need to be serious, think about my future… for myself, for mom and dad… for her.

She has truly made me realize that every one of us has goals and you cannot achieve it without working hard for it. I want to do something now. I don’t want to be called a loser, I want to be a winner and be fit for Anita.” Sameer said and Dia felt so happy to hear those words.

“You have always been my hero, Brother. You will surely win. Whatever you do, you will surely be on top.” said Dia.

Sameer smiled at Dia and they both hugged each other.

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