Blessing… In Disguise?


The next day, Bala and 4 of his goons ‘escorted’ Arjun and Rohan to the railway station that needed to be bombed. The van stopped near the main gate.

“Here we are. Now listen both of you. No tricks, we have our eyes on you. We will be following your movements. You should place the bomb on a compartment that has a lot of people in it. A lot of local trains pass here, so, you just need to get into one of them. Place it in an area where no one would even think about looking at it or searching for it. Once you are done, you will come back straight to this van. You even think about trying to escape, we will shoot you. I hope I am clear.” Bala instructed.

Arjun and Rohan looked at each other and then back at Bala, they nodded their heads in agreement and got off the van. They walked towards the station closely followed by 2 goons. Once inside, they tried to locate a busy compartment and found one.

“If you have a plan, please tell me. No way, we are doing this. We will be in a heap of trouble if we do this.” Rohan whispered to Arjun.

“Yeah, we will. Let us see what we can do.” Said Arjun.

A train had stopped at the station and passengers had lined up to board the train. Arjun and Rohan stood in one of the lines and was about to board the train when something unexpected happened. A thief came out of nowhere, snatched the briefcase from Arjun and ran as fast as possible.

Arjun and Rohan were totally confused; they didn’t understand what to do except to give chase. The 4 goons followed the duo. One of the goons called up Bala to give him the bad news, “Boss, the plan has failed. A thief came and stole the briefcase from Arjun. What do we do now?”


He kept his mobile down and thought hard.

“Well, the plan is simple. To detonate the bomb in a busy area, I just have to press the remote and… BOOM! Mission accomplished.” Saying, Bala took out the remote from his pocket and pressed the button. He was in for a shock as there was no explosion. Desperate, he kept clicking the button without any result.

“No, no, no… This can’t be happening.” Bala reacted, punching the roof of the van. He then looked at the driver and shouted, “What are you waiting for, you miserable oaf? Step on the gas, we need to get out of here and find the briefcase.”

As the driver started the engine, Bala called up Salim to give him the news.

“Sir, the bomb did not explode.” Said Bala.

“What do you mean the bomb did not explode?” asked an irritated Salim, he had his TV switched on waiting for the news of the explosion.

“The remote, sir… the remote is not working. I am clicking the button while speaking to you but there is no explosion.” Said Bala.

“You don’t say! Unbelievable! Alright, bring the briefcase to the hideout. We will check it.” Said Salim.

Bala was hesitant to reveal the truth; however, he had to say it. Mustering courage, he blurted out, “Sir, well… that is where the problem starts. Arjun was about to enter a compartment to place the briefcase, however, a thief came from nowhere and stole it. Arjun, Rohan and the goons have run behind the thief to catch them.”

Salim let out a barrage of abuses which were so dirty to hear that Bala had to keep his mobile away from his ear for a minute or so.

“If that briefcase falls into the hands of the police, we are all done for. Retrieve that briefcase at any cost, or I will kill you. I will kill all of you, you good-for-nothing wretches.” Saying, Salim hung up the phone and sat on his chair. He wiped his forehead; he couldn’t understand what to do next. His mobile rang and he looked at the screen. It was Arbaaz, the leader of a terrorist organization that assigned the job to Salim.

“What is going on? Why hasn’t the bomb exploded?” Arbaaz asked in an irritated tone.

Salim couldn’t understand what to say, he began to shiver in fear and stammered. Arbaaz was getting even more irritated and yelled at Salim, “What is wrong? I asked you a question, isn’t it? Why hasn’t the bomb exploded?”

Salim blurted out his answer, “The bomb will not explode. Bala clicked the button on the remote but the bomb did not explode. We don’t know what happened… I thought the bomb was programmed properly, yet it did not explode.”

“That is impossible. Nothing like that can happen… unless and until, someone tampered with the briefcase.” Said Arbaaz, he then questioned Salim again, “Did you or anybody else try to open the briefcase without our permission?”

Salim went round-eyed at that question and retorted, “No one opened the briefcase. The briefcase was always with me and heavily guarded by my men.”

There was no answer for some time, Arbaaz took a deep breath and said, “Hmmm… only one way to find out. I am coming to your hideout to check the briefcase. You, on the other hand, try to find out who tampered with the circuits of the bomb.”

Salim’s heart skipped a beat; he couldn’t believe what he just heard. The briefcase was not with them, it was stolen and Salim had to reveal that truth. Still shivering with fear, he spoke out, “The briefcase has been stolen from the railway station.”

“What do you mean by ‘stolen’? What kind of people have you hired to place the bomb? I have paid you a million dollars for this work because your boss asked me to trust you and this is the result you have shown. I should have done this job myself than to lay faith on a bunch of incompetent idiots. You better retrieve that briefcase before it falls into the wrong hands or you people are dead.” Said Arbaaz.

Salim kept the phone down; he looked at the roof and sighed.

“What have I got myself into? What do I do now? I hope Bala is able to retrieve the briefcase or we are all done for.” Salim thought.

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