An Offer… At Gun Point


Few hours later, Rohan woke up to find himself in a small room filled with machinery parts and tools. He could feel a sharp pain on his head. He looked around confused, “Where the hell am I? What happened and what have I done to deserve this?”

He then noticed another man lying on the floor in the room, he was still tied up and his face was covered with a rough mask. He slowly moved towards the man and removed the mask. He was shocked to see that it was Arjun. He immediately untied him and made him sit up. Slowly, Arjun woke up and looked around dazed, “Where am I? What the hell happened? Rohan, you still haven’t left the place? Are we dead or what?”

“Come on, brother. Wake up… WAKE UP.” Rohan yelled at Arjun, the latter now came to his senses and stared at Rohan. He then looked around.

“Where am I? And… what are you doing over here?” asked Arjun, he clutched his head while he spoke indicating that he was also hit on the head.

“We have been kidnapped, but, why us! What can we or our families possibly give them?” Rohan commented.

“Indeed, I can understand someone like me being kidnapped, however, they would be in for a shock if they realized that I have lost everything, yet, considering they have kidnapped you… this is about something else then. Man, I got a bad feeling about this.” said Arjun.

Suddenly, the door opened and a burly man came in followed by 4 goons.

“I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to both of you; however, we have a requirement for a job that needs to be completed at the earliest… and you are the right people to do it.” said the burly man.

Arjun and Rohan looked at the group and then looked at each other. They did not speak; however, they had the same thought. They couldn’t fight them all… not at this juncture.

“My name is Bala. Follow me, and yes… no wrong moves. We are courteous but we aren’t decent.” Said Bala, revealing his pistol.

The duo realized that they were brought here to do something illegal, yet they decided to yield to the demands of the burly man for the moment. They followed Bala and his goons to a bigger room where there were more goons standing. In the middle of the room, was a table and a man wearing a costly attire was seated on a cushioned chair, smoking a cigar. Arjun and Rohan noticed a briefcase on the table.

“Salim sir, I brought them here.” Bala addressed the seated man.

Salim got up from his seat and looked at the duo with full scrutiny. He then smiled at them and sat on the table.

“You both must be wondering why we have brought you here. We are in need of your service. We know everything about you. Our job demands that we get to know the people that can be helpful for us and also, helpful for our business.” Said Salim.

“What do you want from us? And what makes you think we are suitable for your business?” asked Rohan, giving an indication that he may have understood what was going on.

“The work that I am going to assign to you is dangerous, yet, you will be paid well. Tell you what… I will make you both rich in a matter of minutes so that you can live your life the way you want.” Said Salim.

Arjun and Rohan stared at Salim and then at each other, a man stood before them offering them riches, however, it still made no sense as to why them and what was the job that was so dangerous.

“What do you want us to do? What kind of job? And how dangerous is it?” Arjun asked.

Salim touched the briefcase and said, “You have to take this briefcase and place it in one of the busiest railway stations of this city. Nothing else… just take it inside; place it in an area which doesn’t seem suspicious and walk out without anyone noticing you. A simple job and I assure you; you will be paid well for it.”

The duo was still confused, what was in that briefcase… drugs, illegal products… or something worse than that.

“What is in that briefcase?” Rohan asked.

“That is none of your business. The contents of this briefcase are confidential and you are only required to do what I ask you to do.” Said Salim, his smile vanishing in an instant.

“You expect us to pull a job for you with an expectation that you can trust us and we can believe in you, yet you hold secrets. We can understand that we are at gun point; we realize that if we refuse, you will kill us. If that is the case, then you better kill us for we are not doing this.” Said Arjun, with a firm tone.

Salim walked towards the duo; his smile was back.

“On the contrary, you will do this job. If not you, then your new friend, Rohan will definitely.” Said Salim.

Rohan stared at Salim again; the latter took out a photo and showed it him.

“This is your mother, isn’t it? What will happen when she gets to know that you are working for me? How will she react when someone walks up to her and says that you have turned to crime to fill their empty stomach? Can she bear this?” Salim asked with a chuckle.

Rohan was furious, he couldn’t handle this anymore. He pounced on Salim and started punching him. Arjun watched in horror as the goons caught hold of Rohan and started thrashing him. Angered, he stepped in to help. He was able to bring down 3 of them, however, there were too many of them and it was his turn now to receive a thrashing.

“Enough!” Salim said raising his right hand, and the goons stopped. The former continued, “Unfortunate as it may sound, we still need them.”

Salim then walked towards Rohan who was groaning in pain. The former grabbed his collar and pulled him close.

“Alright, you wanted to know the contents of this briefcase, well then, listen clearly… the briefcase is actually a bomb.” The duo stared at Salim, shocked.

“We need this bomb to be delivered at the said railway station. What’s more, it is a station that has less security and therefore, it will be easier for people like you to get in and do the job.

I don’t think I need to explain anything further, do I? Now listen to me like a good boy, Rohan. I give you an hour to decide your next move. If you still think you can resist, well, god bless you for I have a good mind to kill you and your family.” Salim threatened, while Rohan could just look at him in anger.

Salim then ordered his goons to throw the duo back into the room again and the goons did the same. After they left and locked the door, Arjun, who was also in pain moved towards Rohan to check on him. Rohan was in tears, yet, he was still angered.

“What have we got ourselves into? What do we do now? I am willing to my end my life than to do this heinous crime… but, I am not alone. You are trapped with me… and they will kill my family too. There is no escape from here.” Said Rohan, clutching his head in despair.

Arjun knew Rohan was right, and said, “Indeed, even I am fine with dying. Besides, I have nothing to lose, yet, the same cannot be said about you and the world. From what I could see, these people are true to their words. They will go to any length to cover their tracks.”

“So what do we do now? Don’t tell me we have to deliver the bomb! A lot of people will die because of us.” Rohan reacted.

Arjun was silent; he did not have an answer for that. He thought hard but he could not find a solution.

“Let us flow with the river for now. Let us do what they have asked us to do.” Said Arjun.

Rohan stared at Arjun, he nodded his head in disagreement and said, “You are crazy. We cannot do this. I don’t think I can muster that courage to plant a bomb and see innocent lives being taken just like that.”

“We have no other choice. They will kill us and find someone else to do it. If they disagree, they will again find somebody else. I don’t know whether we have a chance at escaping from their clutches, but know this, if we get an opportunity, we will take it.” Said Arjun.

Rohan couldn’t understand what Arjun was saying. Was Arjun planning something? If he was, then what was it? Only time would tell.

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