The attack at the construction site was just the beginning, a sign which General Bakshi understood and for the first time in many years since his graduation days, there was a slight fear which he was not ashamed about.

“It has been 6 months since that attack, yet something tells me it was only the beginning. Since then, we had 4 more incidents like this. We have lost some brave men and women because of them yet we are still not sure of what they want and why they are doing this. I am very much sure they are not doing it as a sport, they want to say something… give us a hint, yet, their activities are creeping us all out.” Said the General.

“Maybe… Maybe, they are planning something big, something outside of our BASE grid and all these attacks are just to cover up their big plan.” Said Codename Krishna.

“Indeed, I have the same thoughts… and whatever that big plan is, we need to find out fast before we are all engulfed in a never ending war.” Said the General.

“Never ending war! I thought war is always never ending. If peace would have always prevailed, there would have never been a war… and we would have been in a different profession.” Codename Krishna commented.

General Bakshi smiled and said, “Look at this city, Raman. This one city has multiple opportunities to every one of us. Yet, it is up to a person to decide if he wants to take that opportunity or not.

There are those who want a comfortable life and works hard for it, there are those who want to make it big and toil even more harder to be on top of everyone… yet, there will always be the other type of people, those who are laid back and looking for easy money or reputation. They either take law in their hands or are forced to join a gang… voluntarily or involuntarily… to earn their living.

As long as people are not self-aware of what is right and what is wrong, aware that nobody is above anyone… and if there is, it is the almighty, there will be war, there will be indifferences, and we will all be opinionated. The day people become self aware is the day there will be no more wars.

And coming to our ‘Profession’, I was working hard to be an accountant till one day, I saw a thief threatening a young woman for money. I wanted to help her, so I rushed forward to confront the thief, however, he shot at me and I was hit on my right shoulder. It was painful… quite obviously because I was not a security elite, not trained to overcome pain and fight back. I could see the thief run away, even he never expected to see someone have that daring to confront him. He may have pulled the trigger the first time. I fainted and woke up in the hospital surrounded by my family and that young girl.

I know I saved that girl, however, my mind was filled with guilt of not able to capture that thief. I was not able to get my mind back to studies. I was not able to get back to my books, my eyes fell on the medals that I had received for my feats in football at the school and interschool level. Just a few days later, I saw the news that recruitment had begun for new elites in BASE. I threw my accounts book away, packed my bags and enlisted.”

Codename Krishna was amazed, he shook his head in disbelief and looked at the city again. He was curious about something and with a slight hesitation asked, “What about that young girl?”

General Bakshi looked at Codename Krishna and raised his eyebrow, with a smile, he answered, “She is not young anymore. She is a DGM in a multi-national company, mother of a son and a daughter… and a proud wife of General Arjun Bakshi.”

Codename Krishna nodded his head indicating that he had a hunch about it.

“Coming back to the never ending war, sir, what do we do now? Or where shall we start?” asked Codename Krishna.

“I have arranged a meeting with the top officers to formulate a plan. For now, we need to be more alert. I have already spoken to the command centre officials of every city to monitor every inch of the country and if there is any inch that is not covered, inform us to get it covered at all cost.” The  General replied.

“Ok, that is quite a start.” Said Codename Krishna.

Suddenly, the duo could feel a tremor and the building shake.

“Do you feel that?” asked the General.

“I do, sir… and it is getting stronger.” Codename Krishna replied.

Suddenly, the alarms started to blare and there was an announcement from the command centre, “This is an earthquake warning, all personnel are requested to move to the open grounds or find cover immediately.”

The announcement was duly complied, all security elites, officer and personnel moved to the open grounds. The tremor was now at its peak and the people could see the building of the city shake uncontrollably because of it.

Karan, Shekhar, Jenny and Poorna were at the cafeteria and moved out together. They watched the city in shock as the glasses of the buildings started to shatter.

Traffic had halted and broken glasses were falling over the citizens killing and injuring a lot of them. The glasses of the BASE towers also started to shatter and the people moved away from the building as far as possible.

“The buildings are strong enough to withstand a quake but not the glasses.” Poorna commented.

“The tremor is not stopping. If this continues for a few more seconds, then the buildings will fall apart. There will be no escape.” Said Karan.

“So… is this the end of the world then?” asked Shekhar.

In space, 2 stations – the BASE INDEPENDENCE and the BASE REPUBLIC received reports of the earthquake and the officials were looking for the source of the tremor.

“Sir, you may want to see this?” said Lieutenant Anuj.

Codename Indrajeet looked at the monitor, they could see a huge structure coming out from the ground 1500 kms away from the BASE towers.

“What the hell is that thing?” asked Codename Indrajeet.

Suddenly, from the same structure, a ray of light shot up. The light travelled far in to space and hit BASE REPUBLIC on its side. An explosion occurred resulting in a breach and killing 50 officials who were in that part of the station. The alarms were raised to seal all the doors to negate the breach.

Back to the city, the ray of light was bright enough for everyone to see. The people watched in shock and awe as the lights started to brighten up and then there was a huge flash. A massive shockwave followed, it was an Electromagnetic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) wave that travelled to almost half the planet affecting every electronic and computer device. Once the wave stopped, the tremors slowly subsided and the bright light had vanished.

“What the hell just happened?” asked General Bakshi.

“We need to get to the command centre, get in touch with BASE REPUBLIC and BASE INDEPENDENCE. Someone up there should have seen what caused this. I will round up people of my rank and have them check for casualties and damage through their squads.” Said Codename Krishna.

“I am going to the command centre. You round up the people and explain their tasks. I will find out and relay all information to the higher rankers. Get going, officer.” The General ordered and Codename Krishna acknowledged.

The General rushed to the command centre and got in touch with Lt. Col. Javed.

“Sir, that beam of light… it was strong enough to rupture the side of BASE REPUBLIC. There is a breach, however, they were able to seal all doors to avoid anymore damage.” Said Javed.

“My God, now this is serious. Don’t tell me the anti-nationals have gotten their hands on something deadly.” Exclaimed General Bakshi.

“Maybe they did, sir. The radio (communication devices) are all out because of the EMP. Our techs are accessing the situation but they cannot guarantee when the systems will be up and running. However, we have a video feed that BASE REPUBLIC was able to capture before the breach. You may want to see that.” Said Javed.

The General saw the video on Javed’s monitor, he could clearly see a structure coming out of the ground. The structure was huge and was emitting something that was causing a disruption in the video feed. After sometime, the top portion lighted up, the beam of light fired upwards and the video feed went dark.

“What are we dealing with? What the hell is going on?” the General asked as he looked to the direction from where the beam of light appeared.

The next moment, the radio were back up and all the screens, monitors and systems came back online. The General looked at the big screen which showed feeds of what had happened to the city. Judging by the structure, the tremors were strong enough to bring down 8 of the tallest buildings in the city, the city was in chaos and the casualty report on the screen showed about 35000 people who had lost their lives.

In another screen, the General could see a lot of officials and security elites trying to contact their family members. He could see a few in the command centre trying to contact their family while also keeping track of any disturbance in the city and the nation.

 Javed came back with news, “Sir, the security elites are busy with helping the citizens. We are trying our best to resolve the crisis that has developed due to the earthquake, however, we are unable to reach a few security elites who were close to the structure. What is also a cause of concern is that we are still facing disruptions or disturbances while trying to investigate the structure.”

The General checked his monitor and tried to scan the area close to where the structure came out from. For about 1500 kilometres, there was a disruption on the screen and the General couldn’t see much of detail of the structure or its surrounding areas.

“What is this place? Have you got any data of it?” asked the General.

Javed activated the country map on a table and zoomed in on the location of the structure.

“If we go by the location of the structure, then it is an industrial area. Whatever that structure is, it has come out from below that area. I am not sure if there have been any survivors considering we have been trying to contact someone over there but there is no response.

As I said earlier, we are not been able to reach our posted security elites there too. We might have to send someone to investigate the area otherwise; we are still in the dark as to what we are dealing with.” Javed explained.

The General nodded his head in acknowledgement and said, “Call in a meeting with all higher rankers. They need to know the situation… and meanwhile, get in touch with the security elites in the city and make sure the civilians are safe. If there is a requirement for support – food packets, water, medical attention, make sure there is no delay on it.”

Javed acknowledged as the General walked out of the command centre towards his office. After 30 minutes, a meeting was held where the General along with Codename Krishna formulated a plan.

“What we are seeing is a strange structure that has risen right in the middle of a huge industrial complex. The problem is that we are still not able to find or give proper details as to what that structure is, height, weight, magnitude… nothing.

Every known system of ours, including our BASE stations above are unable to detect anything due to a disruption caused… either due to the structure or something strong enough to hide it and its surrounding parts. We are all still in the dark and we need to do whatever it takes to light up ourselves on this… I don’t know how to put this… brand new issue.” Codename Krishna explained.

The General seconded the explanation and added further, “Since the time we have been ‘acquainted’ with the anti-nationals, we have seen warfare that has always been surprising. Every time… every single time, the anti-nationals have ended up with technology that rivalled ours… yet, we have still not been able to determine how. Our interrogation methods have failed… mostly because we have never been able to interrogate them. Their methods of hiding their secrets are beyond our imagination.”

Major Govind was surprised and spoke up, “So you are saying that whatever happened just now… the anti-nationals are involved? Do you think they have brought in a technology higher than anything we have seen? Looking at the structure… or whatever that thing is, it doesn’t look human… it looks…”

“I know Govind, it looks other worldly. I wouldn’t be surprised but horrified if we get to know that they have brought in alien technology to counter our strength.

The question is… why would they do that? Why would they go this far to fight us with a technology which they may not be able to comprehend?” asked Codename Krishna with concern.

“That is the reason why we need to find out what we are dealing with and solve this issue as fast as possible. We will be sending in 5 squads to analyse and provide details of the activities that are going on near the structure and its surrounding areas.

We are unable to get in touch with anybody, even our security elites posted there… and that makes this situation even more critical. You will leave right now and brief your team on the way. We have to get to the bottom of this, so make a move immediately. I have authorized for air support to take you to the location, so gear up and make haste.” Said the General.

All the officers in the room acknowledged and walked out of the General’s office in a jiffy.

In about 15 minutes, 5 squads in 5 carriers flew over the city. The security elites including Karan, Jenny, Shekhar and Poorna watched in horror at the devastation of the city. The citizens were in panic and all available security elites were trying all their best to control them and help them out in this chaos. As the carriers flew away from the city, the squad leaders of every squad briefed their respective teams of their mission.

Jenny was going through the mission details on her monitor and was repeatedly looking at the video of the structure coming out from the ground. Avesh who was sitting next to Jenny was as usual looking at her from top to bottom with a sly smile.

“I know what you are doing, Avesh. As a woman, I have assets which are worth looking at and I am proud of them too, however, your mother and sister also have the same assets so I don’t think they are any different except for size maybe.” Said Jenny.

Avesh was perplexed, the sheer boldness with which Jenny spoke was unexpected. Jenny looked at Avesh, there was no expression on her face and it wasn’t necessary. Avesh could only look away from Jenny feeling embarrassed.

On another carrier, Karan and Shekhar were looking at the video and then scanning the map to look at the surrounding areas.

“To be able to hide something that big requires a device that is thousand times stronger than what we have.” Karan exclaimed.

Shekhar looked at the video a bit closer and nodded his head in disagreement, “I beg to differ. Look at the structure, Karan, it is huge… the light ray it emitted was strong enough to strike BASE REPUBLIC out of commission for an indefinite period. Something tells me that it is the structure that is able to hide itself, protect itself and even cause the EMP charge that took out almost everything.”

“So… we are dealing with an alien technology? Are we that fortunate… or unfortunate to be able to see what aliens look like?” asked Karan.

Shekhar looked at Karan, their spine started to chill the moment they realize that they were on the verge of a discovery that could change everything.  Suddenly, one of the pilots got on her radio and said, “Guys, are you seeing this? Is that where we are going?”

All of them who heard this were confused. Major Govind turned around to see what the pilot was talking about and his eyes widened. There in the horizon lay the structure shaped like a pyramid. It was massive and everyone who started noticing it could only marvel at it.

Due to the high-raised buildings, the squads could only see the tip of the pyramid yet it was big enough to indicate that it could be close to 4500 feet in height. As the security elites continued gazing at the structure, the alarms on the carriers starting to ring.

“Surface to air missiles, hold on to something for this is going to get rough.” Said the pilot, the moment he said this, the carrier flying next to them got hit. The carrier spun out of control and crashed on to the ground exploding in a ball of flames.

“Spread out, spread out. We need to get to the target zone. We are close to the area… we cannot…” Codename Krishna started to speak but not able to complete for his carrier was also hit.

The passengers had their seatbelts, except Avesh. While everyone held on to something, Avesh couldn’t and he was flung out of the carrier. Jenny watched that in horror as the carrier crashed into a building and hit the ground hard. Another carrier got hit and Shekhar watched in horror as it was the one Poorna was on. The carrier crash landed on top of a building with 2 security elites being thrown out of it due to the impact.

Major Govind immediately ordered the pilots to land the carriers in order to avoid the missiles. The pilots acknowledged and landed the carriers. The elites were quick to realize that they were at the starting point of the industrial area.

“We lost one bird along with our colleagues. There is nothing we can do for them now but we can try to save the rest. We need to get to both the fallen carriers and look for survivors. We will team up then and try to reach the target area to start our mission. Let us split up and keep an eye out for any enemy signatures.” Said Major Govind, and the others acknowledged.

“Don’t worry, Shekhar. Poorna will be fine. Let us get to that carrier and retrieve them.” Said Karan.

“Jenny’s bird also crashed. You are not worried about that? You could have gone with the other squad.” Said Shekhar.

“Well, that is where the problem starts. We are soldiers, Shekhar. This is a critical situation and we have to keep our emotions aside. She will also be fine and I am confident of it.” Said Karan.

As they ran towards the second carrier, Shekhar could make out the look of concern on Karan’s face yet he was trying to stay strong. They reached the second carrier and Shekhar saw Poorna strapped to her seat unconscious. The pilots had died on impact, the 2 security elites who were thrown out of the carrier were alive, however, they were seriously injured and groaning in pain.

“We need to get them to safety and call for evac.” Said Karan.

Shekhar checked on the squad leader who was also still strapped to his seat, however, he was also dead, hit hard on his head. Shekhar sighed in disappointment and then checked on Poorna. He unstrapped her seat belt and carried her out of the carrier. As he put her down, Poorna regained her consciousness and clutched her head in pain. She opened her eyes to see Shekhar and felt relieved that he was ok.

“Don’t worry, Poorna. We are fine. Wait I will get a medkit.” Said Shekhar.

Poorna then saw Karan and asked, “I saw Jenny’s bird go down. Is she alright? Have you contacted her or her squad?”

“Not yet but don’t worry, there is another team that has gone in search of her squad. We are waiting for news.” Karan replied.

Poorna touched his hand and said, “Don’t worry, Karan. She will be alright.”

Meanwhile, Jenny groaned in pain and clutched her head. She looked around to understand where she was. She then looked at her squad leader, Codename Krishna who had his seatbelt strapped on, however, was not moving. She unstrapped her seatbelt and checked on him, he was alive and unconscious. She then checked her squad mates, Shilpa had died on impact while the other had just regained consciousness.

She then saw one of the pilots removing his seat belt and then checking on his co-pilot. She was dead, tears welled up in his eyes as he hugged her. Jenny walked towards him and comforted him.

“What is your name?” asked Jenny.

The pilot looked at Jenny, he wiped his tears and replied, “Sulaiman”.

“Sulaiman, we need to get out of here. Get in touch with the others. The fact that we were shot down means that someone will be coming here looking for us. We have no choice but to move out of here.” Said Jenny.

Sulaiman looked at his co-pilot’s lifeless body, he realized that there was indeed nothing he could do now. He took her dog tag, put it in his pocket and got off from the cockpit. Jenny then heard footsteps, and a few people talking with each other.

“We have found one of the crashed carriers. We are moving towards the carrier to check for survivors.” Said an anti-national.

Jenny peeped through the cockpit window and found an anti-national scout team coming towards their ship. Jenny rushed backwards to grab her weapon only to find her squad leader cocking his rifle. Without a second thought, he started to fire at the anti-nationals and killed 3 of them.

“Jenny, take the others with you and try to re-group with the other squads. I will take care of them myself.” Said Codename Krishna.

“No way, sir, you are coming with us. We will take care of them together.” Said Jenny.

“I am not asking you, Jenny. This is an order. The others need to survive to get all possible information of what we are dealing with. Move out of here, soldier.” Said Codename Krishna in a commanding tone.

The other anti-nationals continued to fire at the carrier, Jenny didn’t want to leave her squad leader. She grabbed her rifle and fired at the anti-nationals killing 2 more. She got back to cover and made another attempt to make Codename Krishna see reasons.

“Please, sir, we can make it out of here. You cannot expect me to leave a soldier behind like this. We have not been taught to do that.” Jenny pleaded.

Codename Krishna was always impressed by Jenny’s calibre and dedication, he smiled and said, “Karan… Shekhar… and You are one of the finest elites we have and I know that one day, you all will be the best, better than any soldier BASE has created. I may not be able to see that day but I know that it will one day be a reality.

Besides, Jenny… I am unable to move, my left leg is broken. I will be a burden to all of you. Allow me to fulfil my last duty towards BASE, and to my nation. Get out of here, Jenny. I will try to stop them as long as possible for you people to escape. Make a move now, Jenny… and God bless you all.”

Jenny had tears in her eyes. With a heavy heart, she signalled sulaiman and her surviving squad member to escape, she then grabbed her gear and ammunitions and got off the carrier. She looked back once and then started to run away.

Codename Krishna somehow got up and fired his rifle again but this time, he was hit by a sniper bullet in his stomach. The bullet penetrated through his armour, he yelled in pain and sat down on his seat breathing heavily. He put his gun down, removed his armour and grabbed his stomach to stop the blood loss and decided to wait for the anti-nationals to come close to the carrier.

Jenny and the others were in cover from a distance looking at what Codename Krishna was up to. The latter checked his gear and brought out a grenade. He clicked a button to activate it and peeped out to see how close the anti-nationals were. The anti-nationals came closer and looked at Codename Krishna who was smiling at them. He then laughed silently and showed them the grenade. The anti-nationals watched in horror and disbelief, they tried to escape but it was too late.

The grenade exploded killing Codename Krishna and the remaining anti-nationals. The explosion was strong and the carrier was reduced to rubble.

The explosion was heard from a distance and the other team that was assigned to find Jenny’s squad had just reached. Seeing Jenny, sulaiman and another security elite coming out from the building, they joined them.

“What happened? What was that explosion about?” asked Major Jeffery.

“We were ambushed by anti-nationals. We tried our best to defend, however, Codename Krishna was injured and ordered us to escape and re-group with the other squads. He died trying to protect us and killed all the anti-nationals.” Said Jenny, she choked as she said those words.

The people who listened did not believe it at first, yet the explosion they heard was proof that it had to be true. Major Jeffery and his squad did a grand salute in the direction of the crashed carrier and then signalled Jenny and others to follow them back to the other crashed ship.

Suddenly, they heard a boom, a boom that was heard by the other group too. The ground shook and within seconds a shockwave pushed everyone backwards.

“EMP wave, it has fried our gears again. I am not sure how long will it take for our gears to re-activate itself?” said Poorna.

“I guess we have to reach the target area by going in blind. Unless and until we see what we are up against, we cannot plan out anything.” Said Major Govind.

“The other squad must have re-grouped with Jenny’s squad. They might be trying to contact us but now… they won’t be able to. ” Said a concerned Karan.

Shekhar thought hard and then said, “Sir, if you permit us, we can go and check on them. They shouldn’t be far. If they run into something, we should be assisting them.”

“Right you are, Shekhar. Permission granted, 3 of you remain here and see if you can contact BASE. We need to give them the news of our situation.” Said Major Govind.

“I am coming with you guys.” Said Poorna.

“Poorna, you are still hurt. Besides, you are good when it comes to communication devices. Your help will be required here.” Said Shekhar.

“I know I am, and that is why I need to go with you people. Besides, the EMP has fried up everything… and it would take a minimum of 30 minutes for everything to work going by that shockwave. Our equipments are strong to withstand anything but a blast of that size… we have never designed anything to negate that.” Said Poorna.

Major Govind and the others were impressed.

“The new batch has produced some real good soldiers. They say I am a real hard person to please or impress, yet, I am saying this today… I am impressed cadets. Make us proud now. Go ahead and bring them back safely. We will continue reaching BASE by some other means… if there is something at hand.” Said Major Govind.

Karan, Shekhar, and Poorna rushed towards the location of Jenny’s crashed ship. At the same time, Major Jeffery, Jenny, sulaiman and the others were running towards the 2nd crash site. They were close when suddenly, the group saw a convoy of SUVS speeding towards them.  The gunner on the first SUV noticed them and started firing at them with a mounted mini-gun.

The group got into cover except one who was brutally killed by the barrage of bullets. Jenny realized that it was her squad member and it quickly dawned on her that she was the sole survivor of her squad. Deeply saddened by her inability to protect her squad, she sat down, covered her face and cried profusely.

The gunner continued to fire, the group were unable to come out of cover and take a shot at the SUV. As the SUV came closer towards a t-point before the group, the gunner spotted Karan with a rocket launcher. Without hesitation, Karan fired the rocket and it found its mark. The gunner was flung out of the vehicle while the vehicle tipped over due to the impact.

There were 2 more SUVs and they stopped in their path. Jenny heard the explosion and looked out of her cover. Seeing Karan, she wiped her tears and felt relieved that he was alive.

Karan threw the rocket launcher and aimed his assault rifle at the gunners, he fired at them and killed them both.

The driver and the passengers came out and started to fire at them. Karan rushed back to cover, while Major Jeffrey and the others came out of their cover and fired at the remaining anti-nationals. The latter were outnumbered and were killed.

“Well, it was good for them to get us vehicles. We should be able to reach the target area with them.” Said Major Jeffrey.

“Cadet Karan, sir. Are you people alright?” Karan came forward and asked.

“We are, Karan. Thanks for the support. Now, let us get on those vehicles and get to the target area soon.” Major Jeffrey responded.

Karan and Jenny then looked at each other, the former noticed that she was greatly disturbed and walked towards her.

“Jenny, are you alright? What’s the matter?” Karan asked.

Jenny was hesitant at first but after Karan came a bit forward and softly touched her shoulder, she blurted out in tears, “My squad members… Codename Krishna… they are dead, they are all dead and I couldn’t save them. I couldn’t do anything for them. I pleaded Codename Krishna to come with us but he refused and stayed back to save us.

I wish… I wish… I should have been the one staying back. I should have died back there and not run away like a coward.”

Karan understood and hugged her trying to comfort her. While Shekhar and Poorna were shocked by the news of Codename Krishna’s death, the others had seen the real face of war and understood Jenny’s state of mind.

Major Jeffrey step forward and said, “You are not the only one who has faced this situation. I faced it 3 times in my 15 years of service. There is nothing you can do about it but move on.

Understand your duty, Jenny… and understand why you are the one alive. Our mission is not yet over. Join us and together we will avenge them.”

Jenny wiped her tears and then looked at Major Jeffrey. She realized that the latter was right and nodded her head in agreement.

They got into the SUVs and drove towards the 2nd crash site. As they neared the crash site, Major Govind spotted them and Major Jeffrey stuck his head from his SUV and signalled at the former that they were alive.

 Suddenly, out of nowhere a carrier appeared. The carrier was larger than a BASE carrier and had invisibility activated. Major Govind could only stare at it while the other elites started to fire at it. The former looked back at the SUVs, Karan and Shekhar could make out that there was dismay in his face and there was nothing he could do… the group on top of the building were doomed.

The security elites in the SUVs watched helplessly as the carrier fired a missile and the top of the building exploded in a ball of fire killing everyone.

“Get us out of here.” Major Jeffery ordered.

The drivers drove away from the building with the carrier following them. They drove as fast as possible while the carrier started firing at them. Shekhar who showed interest in heavy weapons and vehicles took a minute to look at the carrier and stated everything about it.

“The carrier has 2 mini guns attached on the sides and below it. It has a rocket launcher to fire any form of rockets.” Said Shekhar.

The next moment, the carrier started firing light missiles in an attempt to disable the SUVs.

“It can also fire EMP rockets. We will have to get to cover.” Said Shekhar.

“Seriously, Shekhar!! You are able to tell that just by looking at it. You are scaring us.” Exclaimed Karan.

“Indeed, Shekhar, you remind me of my ex-girl friend. That is about the size of it.” Major Jeffery commented.

The next moment, an EMP rocket was fired and it was the 2nd SUV which was disabled.

“Oh no! Not Again. Jenny and the others are in that SUV, and it has been disabled.” Karan reacted.

Atif, who was driving the first SUV, spotted a building with a car park on the first floor and immediately rushed towards it. He drove as fast as possible and positioned himself at the exact spot the 2nd SUV was disabled.

The carrier was flying low, and sulaiman without a second thought immediately got onto the mini gun and started firing at the same. He successfully killed the gunner and another anti-national and continued firing at the cockpit.

Karan also did the same, the continued barrage of bullets was affecting the shield system on the carrier. Shekhar noticed it and immediately stated the same, “It has a regenerating shield system, and I believe that is a technology that is in motion in BASE. How did they get it before hand?”

“Now that you are saying, how do we counter that?” asked Atif.

The pilot on the carrier was quick to realize that the barrage of bullets had depleted the shields to 25 % and therefore, flew from that area.

“Interesting, the EMP rocket disabled the SUV but their mini-gun is still functioning.” Karan commented.

“It is flying away but it will come back for the kill. We have to take it out or we are all done for.” Said Major Jeffrey.

Shekhar noticed 4 buttons on the dashboard, he clicked one and the tyres of the SUV deflated. He clicked the 2nd one and within seconds, the shield system on the SUV activated.

“You got to be kidding me. We have a civilian version and a BASE version, however, these people have combined the 2 variants into one. Someone please remind me who we are dealing with. If it is classified… well, then I am invoking my civilian right for all information to ensure our survival from this shithole.” Said Shekhar, no doubt alarmed by the gadgetry on the SUV.

“Well, good luck with that so-called civilian right you are trying to invoke. I only went through the highlighted lines that Codename Krishna asked us to read. If there was anyone who knew what we are dealing with, it would have been him.” Said Major Jeffrey.

“I don’t think he would have known. We all know what we saw. It is a pyramid that the anti-nationals have unearthed and the markings were clear enough to indicate that the anti-nationals have laid their hands on an alien technology.

I apologize for my words in advance… but we have underestimated the anti-national intelligence. They are not only a well-fed army, they seem to have gained access to something which may have been forbidden to us as per government rules.” Said Karan.

Shekhar nodded his head in disagreement and went on to click the 3rd button. It not only activated a map but converted the mini-gun into a sentry alarming Karan.

“Switch it off, Idiot. Just because we took their ride does not mean we have made friends with it.” said Karan, as he proactively hid underneath the mini-gun to avoid its range.

Shekhar realized that Karan was right, the map had classified them as red dots indicating that they were still ‘it’s’ enemy.

“I will get it changed once we are out of this.” Said Shekhar, as he gingerly pressed the 4th button.

That very moment, a rocket launcher came out of the bonnet of the SUV and fired. The rocket swore and hit the building right in front, the explosion was strong enough to hurl debris into the air.

Jenny was alarmed at this. She grabbed her rifle and slowly came out of the 2nd SUV to check if it was the carrier. Realizing that there was nothing in sight, she looked at the blast mark again. She realized that it came from the building behind her and it had to be the 1st SUV.

“Karan, can you hear me?” she asked.

Everyone present was quick to realize that their radios were back and Karan replied, “We can… we can… are you guys alright?”

“Are you crazy? We are right below you. We would have been hit by that rocket.” Said an irritated Jenny.

“It wasn’t me, believe me… it was Shekhar. He is tampering with the buttons on the dashboard.” Said Karan.

Major Jeffery was staring at Shekhar in disbelief stunned by the latter’s curiosity. He then started laughing heartily, and the others followed. Shekhar was in a trance after the rocket was fired, he really didn’t expect that and was shocked.

Atif tapped Shekhar, the latter came out of his trance. Jenny, Sulaiman and the others in the 2nd SUV heard the laughter and realized whatever happened was because of Shekhar and they joined in the laughter too.

Suddenly, the carrier appeared again and aimed at the 2nd SUV.

“It is back. Jenny, the 2nd switch on the dashboard, click it quickly.” Said Shekhar.

The carrier started firing at Jenny and the latter scurried to cover. Sulaiman left the mini-gun and ducked to the side of the vehicle. Kishore who was driving the 2nd SUV heard Shekhar and immediately clicked the 2nd switch. The shield system was activated and the passengers could feel the car rumble due to the barrage of bullets. The firing stopped and the shield system was at 85 %.

“The effects of the EMP rocket has lessened, however, if it fires another, we will be done for.” said Kishore.

Jenny and Sulaiman quickly got into the SUV and at that very moment, the carrier fired a rocket, however, it was for damage. It hit the SUV hard but due to the shield system, the car tilted a bit to the side and then fell back with a thud.

“We have to take it out. Karan, man the mini-gun and wait for my signal.” Said Shekhar.

Karan was confused, he manned the turret and asked, “What are you going to do?”

“Something radical!” Said Shekhar, as he switched on the rocket turret again.

The turret continued to fire at the building in front. The carrier pilot was distracted by the continued barrage and backtracked. Kishore realizing this, started the SUV engine and sped away to a safe distance. Shekhar, meanwhile, took out his kit and ripped apart the dashboard as the people watched in amazement. Within seconds, the map gave a signal and everyone in the SUV showed up as green dots on the screen.

“This is insane,” said Major Jeffery.

“Not yet, sir, watch us now. Karan, spool the mini-gun.” Said Shekhar.

Karan spooled it and waited with baited breath to know what Shekhar was up to. The carrier had flown away again and Shekhar immediately contacted the passengers of the 2nd SUV.

“Guys, listen up, the carrier will be back again. I need someone to open up the dashboard and look for the wire the connects to the 4th switch – the rocket turret switch.” Said Shekhar.

The passengers of the 2nd SUV looked at each other. Sulaiman got down from the back of the vehicle and asked kishore to get down. He took out his kit, took a wire cutter and then opened up the dashboard.

“There are 3 wires – red, blue and green.” Said Sulaiman.

“The blue is the button that tracks the enemies and fires at them.

The green controls the unit, it is securely connected to the mini-gun turret. There is a switch on the mini-gun that also activates the turret. What’s more, whichever way you aim the mini-gun, the rocket launcher also simultaneously aims in that direction.

The red wire is what activates the launcher immediately and fires a rocket without a target solution… and that is what we need to stop. We need that freaking thing to fire at our will.

So cut the red and blue wire quickly.” Shekhar explained.

Sulaiman did the same, at the same time, Shekhar asked atif to move back while the former got on the driver’s seat. He activated the armour mode and switched on the car engine. Suddenly, the carrier returned and this time from the right.

“Karan, fire at will. It is now or never.” Said Shekhar, as he drove the car and made it jump from the first floor.

Karan, undeterred, took aim and fired at the carrier. The rocket launcher was simultaneously activated. 3 missiles brought the shields down to 55 %. Kishore got on the mini-gun and fired. The rocket launcher was activated on the 2nd SUV, 3 missiles and the carrier exploded and crashed to the ground.

The elites came out of the SUVs and scouted the area. Satisfied that there was no other hostile present, Major Jeffrey ordered everyone to re-group and the elites acknowledged.

“Well, ladies and Gentlemen… this is what you call teamwork. Well done, people but we are not out of this yet. Let us get to the target area now and find out what we are dealing with. We have our radios back up, so try to contact BASE again and give the status report.” Said Major Jeffery.

The next moment, there was boom sound again. It was loud and it did not take the group to understand what it was.

“Take cover. It is the EMP wave.” Said Karan, as the others ran back to the building. The wave swept across frying up the equipments and electronic devices again.

“Great!! We had all the time to contact BASE but we were busy with surviving from the damn super carrier.” Said Sulaiman.

“Interesting, this EMP wave is not something to trifle with. I guess… the pyramid we saw… it has been programmed to fire this wave in regular intervals as a safety measure to not be detected.” Said Poorna.

“Hmmm… then we need to calculate this interval to the last digit to get ample time to contact BASE for support. Our radios were back up but now they are down again. We need to be careful and alert at the same time if we need to develop communication.” Said Jenny.

“Let us get to the target area pronto and then we will decide what our next step would be. Take all the weapons, ammunition and equipment that you can and move on.” Said Major Jeffery.

The others acknowledged and taking all items they could possibly carry started to move towards the target area.

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