“My lord, he is here.” Said Armaan.

“Of course. Where else would he be? He has nowhere else to go, isn’t it?” Zubin responded with a smirk.

Code Red walked towards Zubin and bowed before him, and spoke up, “I am sorry, My lord. I tried but…”

Zubin cut him short and said, “We had our hands on a power which even the God’s cannot fathom. The ultimate power of destruction that can make any species quiver in fear.

That was what we wanted. We wanted subjugation but you… You had it destroyed.”

“I am not here to make excuses, My lord… I have none…” Code Red tried to explain, however, Zubin was not in a mood to listen.

“Take off your helmet when you are talking to me. Only cowards cover their face.” Said Zubin, and the next moment, Code Red’s helmet got removed by itself not only revealing the formers power of telekinesis but also, the man behind the helmet. It was Avesh.

“You know why I wear the helmet. It is important for me to hide my identity. It is perhaps the very reason why I was able breach the defences of BASE.” Said Avesh, he was angry but was controlling his tone.

“Even with your helmet on…. You are nothing but a coward. The first sign you get, running becomes your first option and not to stand back and fight.

You have been given an armour yet you still run. I have taught my children to run towards victory but not run away from it.

You are slowly becoming a disgrace for the Nationalist Corp.” said Zubin.

“I cannot risk my capture, not at this moment. I still have a lot to do and lot to find out about BASE. That is the mission you have given me and I will see to it that I complete it.” Said Avesh, breathing heavily to control his anger.

Zubin started laugh at that comment. He got up from his seat and still looking down on Avesh, activated a door which revealed a giant window. Outside, Zubin, Armaan and Avesh could see a platform and on it a console.

What’s more, they could also see 10 pyramids, the same size as the one that was unearthed from planet SC120.

Zubin spoke up while walking back  towards Avesh, “You were given a responsibility and you should have continued with it but you wanted to command an army and also achieve glory with this mission.

I should have given this mission to somebody else… Armaan, maybe… but when you requested for it, I kind off believed in you but you failed.

This was a big mistake on my part. I can salvage it by killing you but I require every man, woman and child for this. You people do not understand the reason why we are doing this… why I am doing this, don’t you? ”

Avesh took the courage to look up and caught a glimpse of Zubin. He was not human yet looked like a human. His eyes were red and glowing. He was tall, about 9 feet tall.

“This is the first time you are seeing me close, isn’t it? Yes, I am no human. I am a Gandharva, times have changed and we now bear the responsibility to protect the universal time-line.

It has been foretold, Avesh. Humanity is doomed and no one can stop it… not even the God’s.

So, listen to what I say if you want to survive the coming fire.” Said Zubin, as both Avesh and Armaan trembled in fear at those words.

The End

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