The carriers landed at the BASE grounds, as the candidates came out, they watched in wonder at the organization. They were mesmerized by the sheer size of it.

BASE was a collection of 8 towers. The towers were all connected by bridges and on the very top of the towers was the BASE command centre. Close to a million security elites served here, the elites were not just from this city… there were many who came from other towns, cities…  and even from the colonial planets to build their career over here.

“Look at the size of it. Have you ever seen anything like it? First timers would definitely get lost in any one of those towers.” Karan commented.

“I am already feeling lost. I have only seen photos, but to see it up close… I am feeling faint now.” Said Shekhar.

There was an announcement that very moment, “All the candidates are requested to move to the induction hall immediately. Codename Krishna will address the gathering.”

There were loud cheers among the candidates when they heard the name. Many of the security elites in BASE were like heroes or celebrities to both the young and old of the country. They were treated the same way film personalities, sport stars or other VIPs were treated… sometimes, even more considering the security elites were the reason every one, be it VIP or a common citizen felt protected.

“Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col.) Raman Singh aka Codename Krishna… he is going to address us. Unbelievable.” Shekhar exclaimed.

“Dream come true, buddy. Let us not waste time.” Said Karan.

Shekhar agreed and along with Karan rushed towards the hall. As they moved inside the grand hall, they saw 3 giant statues and a lot of people were touching the feet of the statues before walking ahead and grabbing their seats.

“Will you look at that? My kind of demi-gods – Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. Just look at them.” Shekhar commented.

Karan could only admire the statues, he walked towards them and touched their feet.

“By the way, Karan… your hero is also over here.” Said Shekhar.

“I know, and I will get to meet him soon.” Karan responded with a smile.

The duo continued on and somehow grabbed seats for themselves. The candidates waited with baited breath for their hero to address them any moment.

“We may want to close our ears… this whole place is going to explode any moment once he arrives.” Shekhar commented.

“Tell you what, Shekhar… I am waiting for that moment.” Said Karan.

That very moment, Codename Krishna entered the hall along with his deputy, Major Shilpa. As they ascended the stairs, the hall erupted in loud cheers, whistles and howling. Codename Krishna was overwhelmed by the way he was welcomed, he raised his hands indicating the candidates to remain silent and the latter heeded.

“Welcome… Welcome to BASE, the organization that was created about 50 years ago to take care of the law and order of this nation. Your training and development program would begin from tomorrow and it will run for 1.5 years, after which you all will be fully equipped to become the ultimate security elites. BASE has proved time and again with its training programme mixed with state of the art facilities in creating soldiers that have done phenomenal work and rose among ranks.

I expect you all to take your training seriously. You will  get the opportunity to take up other relevant activities or training during this time… and believe me; your education will not stop there. Even after graduating as a security elite, you will always find opportunities to hone your skills in warfare and knowledge.

That being said, I will now start by explaining to you the basic and daily activities of an elite in BASE. Before that, if you have any questions… you may raise your hands.”

The moment Codename Krishna ended his preliminary speech, all the candidates in the hall raised their hands. Codename Krishna looked at his deputy and winked at her.

After the induction was completed, the candidates were then asked to walk towards the main building where they would be assigned their rooms for stay. As they proceeded towards the building, they saw the statue of another legend.

“BASE – Bose Association of Security Elites… it is obvious the hero had to be in the main premise.” Shekhar commented.

The statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose stood at the centre of the towers, standing at a height of 50 feet, Karan marvelled at it. He walked forward and along with many others, touched the feet of the statue.

The rooms the candidates were allotted were no less than a five star hotel suite with all the facilities given. 4 people were allowed in a room with each having their separate sub-rooms for privacy. The sub-rooms had separate beds, washrooms, study table and other facilities like air-conditioners and heaters depending on the requirement.

“They have literally created a housing complex over here. We are like paying guests… though we are going to live here for free.” Said Karan.

“Don’t get too cocky now, buddy. The reason they have and are giving so much comfort is… because the training and development routine for a security elite is very hard over here and that is why BASE thinks that the candidates should be made comfortable enough to endure the pain.” Explained Shekhar.

Karan stared at the latter and then again at the room, and said, “Now you are scaring me. So all that glitters is not gold then, I guess.”

“We will achieve gold status once we graduate. For now, better to collect the bits and pieces and endure the toughest moment of our life.” Said Shekhar, as he walked towards a sub-room.

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