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Resilience Episode 8 – Nuclear Countdown

“Sir, those elites have taken over the command centre, they have successfully synced the pyramid with their systems. We will need to reprogram the pyramid again to function according to our directives.” Said Naveen. Code Red was inside the pyramid and along with his guards, was walking towards the control […]


Resilience Episode 6 – Unearthed

The attack at the construction site was just the beginning, a sign which General Bakshi understood and for the first time in many years since his graduation days, there was a slight fear which he was not ashamed about. “It has been 6 months since that attack, yet something tells […]

Resilience Episode 2 – Arrival

The carriers landed at the BASE grounds, as the candidates came out, they watched in wonder at the organization. They were mesmerized by the sheer size of it. BASE was a collection of 8 towers. The towers were all connected by bridges and on the very top of the towers […]